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How to connect with Hispanics online

Winning in the Hispanic market is not a mistery. Russell Lilley an UNILEVER big timer shares his secrets and helps us understand how to connect with them in the digital space

    1. Actively participate in the online conversation. We do this by engaging in conversations Latinas are having online in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube around topics that we know – beauty and food. Once there, we speak to Latinas in Spanish and more importantly, provide compelling content and tips that can help them in their everyday lives.
    2. Create exclusive content. We work with industry leading experts to develop relevant and timely content for our consumers. By offering exclusive tips and information we attract our consumers’ attention, which then keeps them coming back for more.
    3. Socialize our information online and offline. Lastly, in connecting our brands with the Hispanic community, we share our information with Latinas both online and offline via multiple touch points, including mass media, digital, social media, in store events across the U.S. – all of which provide content and brand engagement.

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