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Don't squat with your spurs on

Anything Else?

I am deathly afraid of sharks

My Story:

I'm a lover AND a fighter, so I've a soft spot in my heart for cage fighting and puppies.

I like my music loud and fast.

I like my sports big and violent.

I like my potato chips salty and vinegar-y.

    What children’s drawings would look like painted realistically

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    Selling Basketball in the Drought

    How do you sell basketball shoes when there's no basketball? Let Nike show you how.  Lovin' this spot!

    Check out the new nike jumpman commercial at this link




    Today I rode the Boardwalk Empire Train!

    Today I got a sweet deal in New York! For the low, low price of $2.75 (that's a subway ride) I got a journey back in time along with an immersive marketing experience. Every weekend this month the 2 and 3 trains have been replaced with subway cars from the 1920's courtesy of the HBO hit series, Boardwalk Empire in promotion of the debut of the second season. The experience was complete with open windows, disesl fumes, paddle fans, exposed lightbulbs and mock 1920's advertising. To watch people walk in on the surprise train was amazing. Cameras flashed the entire ride and i saw not a single frown. What a cool experience, and it was impossible for anyone that rode this train to not be fully aware and even excited ofr Boardwalk Empire. Those are some results that nearly no other campaign can boast. The trains will stop running at the end of this month so if you get a chance, don't be a jaded New Yorker and get your butt over to 42nd street and catch that train!



    Boardwalk Empire Subway Takeover with a Historical Twist

    In promotion for the debut of the HBO hit series, Boardwalk Empire, HBO has taken over the 2 & 3 trains throughout the month of September, but not the way You'd expect. They're resurrecting a whole subway train from the 1920's to run every weekend all month long! What a cool piece of emersive marketing. Best deal I can get for $2.75 in New York. Check the article out in the Village Voice

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    • Darcy Taylor

      Very interesting promotion, thanks for sharing!


    X Games Street Competition Takes it to the ACTUAL Streets

    X Games has changed up a portion of their street skating competition this year by bring it to the ACTUAL streets. This year pros have submitted video parts of their best tricks in real street environments. Consumers submit votes to be crowned the the winner of the REAL STREET comp and win X Games Gold. Check it out here...




    Mtn Dew Unlocks skate spots for local skaters in Ocean City

    This past week Mtn Dew unlocked the first of several (previously) illegal skate spots for local skaters in Ocean City, MD


    Check the video for Fuel TV's coverage of the first Unlock Your Spot event.







    Can't wait for this to come out

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