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Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. -Karen Kaiser Clark

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Funky Hair. Experiences. Concerts. Ramones. Pink Floyd. Photos. Stones & Beatles. Travel. Books. Sugar Skulls. Bulldogs. Roller Skates. Laughter. Yoga. Art. Music. Zen. Francophile. Hot Weather. Croutons.

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Ninja facts from

Ninjas invented the internet.

Ninjas never wear headbands with the word "Ninja" printed on them.

Ninjas can live in your house secretly for days.

Ninjas can remove their shadow, if needed.

Ninjas invented skateboarding.

Ninjas always land on their feet.

If they don't have feet they will land on their nubs.

Ninjas always move to America when making a new start as a "non-assassin".

Ninjas don't play sports, unless killing is a sport.

Ninjas can remove a spleen in one swift motion.

Ninjas don't sweat.

Bullets can't kill a ninja.

Ninjas can breathe underwater anytime they want.

Ninjas can change clothes in less than one second.

Ninjas don't smoke, but they do use smoke bombs.

Ninjas can crush golfballs with two fingers, any two fingers.

Ninjas have a bad temper when they lose at anything.

They usually cut off the winners head before they have time to gloat.

Ninjas lie all the time, even when the truth serves better, ninjas will lie.

    Congrats to the Young Glory team: Richard Ward, Stacy Mann, John Wolfe, Nedal Ahmed, Austin Campbell and Bryan Barnes!!!

    Just wanted to update you on the Young Glory competition.
    We got final results this morning, and we finished second worldwide.
    We participated in all 8 rounds and placed in 4 of them.
    We beat out over 120 other teams in the professional category, and that's not the worst feeling in the world.

    More deets

    Our full site



    Young Glory and mad props for six of our Dallas creatives!

    Six of our young creatives have been participating in a monthly, worldwide under-30 creative competition called Young Glory.
    The competition spans eight months, with one brief per month from a big-name judge.
    They have been submitting ideas every month for briefs ranging from “Come up with an idea to help curb overpopulation.” to “Motivate people to use Bing over Google.”
    In January, we had the winning submission!
    The brief's challenge was "Taxes are a necessary evil. Make them cool."
    So they made a video around an idea of controlling where 5% of your taxes go and called it My5.
    My5 took highest honors in the Professional category.
    The leader boards haven't been updated yet, but after they add up the points, TracyLocke will be tied for second place among all competing agencies.
    We have three more months to get enough points to take first place!


    Team Members
    Nedal Ahmed
    Bryan Barnes
    Austin Campbell
    Stacy Mann
    Richard Ward
    John Wolfe



    Congrats to former TracyLocker Lincoln Stephens on being named one of Ad Age's 40 under 40!

    Ad Age honors the innovative, young marketing leaders who have made their mark in the client, agency and media realms -- all before their 40th birthdays.





    Twitter's Co-Founders Betting Big On Vegan Meat Startup

    Today’s meat substitutes are no substitute for the real thing. Some of them are tasty, but none actually have the same taste and texture of a piece of chicken, a burger, or a steak. That’s why most people in meat-loving countries like the U.S. haven’t traded in their steak for tofurkey, even when they have health problems that should compel them to do so, and even when they realize that livestock are responsible for approximately 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
    Twitter's Founders Betting Big On Vegan Meat Startup | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation via @FastCoExist



    LinkedIn hacked, resulting in the loss of over 6.5 million encrypted passwords.

    This breach could allow criminals to break into subscribers’ accounts, according to two security firms.




    The Top 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies

    Today, nonprofit group the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and American Express OPEN released a list of the 50 fastest-growing women-owned or women-led companies in North America. In the U.S. alone there are an estimated 8.1 million women-owned businesses that contribute $1.3 trillion to the national economy and employ 7.7 million people. The companies that made the top 50 generated an astounding $4.1 billion in combined revenues last year.




    Dieter Rams On Good Design As A Key Business Advantage

    To mark his 80th birthday, the transcript of the speech he delivered in New York in 1976, in which he articulates his ethos of user-centered design and some of his famous 10 commandments. In 2012, they feel as if they were written yesterday.



    Why Storytelling is the Ultimate Weapon.

    Humans simply aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. The best way to emotionally connect other people to our agenda begins with “Once upon a time…”




    Chic Geeks Rejoice! Sephora Launches Pantone Universe Collection with Color of the Year – Tangerine!

    Sephora, is enticing chic geeks around the world with the first, limited-edition Sephora + Pantone Universe collection featuring the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango! This breakthrough beauty partnership will change how you wear, feel and think about color.

    As a designer, just the mere utterance of “Pantones” alerts my senses. For those of you reading this with “the blank face,” Pantone is a standardized color matching system that utilizes a numbering system for identifying colors. This system is essential for anyone who works with print, e.g: graphic designers, print shops, etc.

    Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango is a vivacious, reddish-orange hue that’s deep enough not to overwhelm most skin tones, so even those of us who don’t think we look good in orange can indulge.

    The new collection includes a variety Tangerine-inspired lipwear, eye shadow, eye liners, and nail laquers–even makeup bags, brushes and eyelash curlers.




    Shepard Fairey Paints Dallas!

    Time-lapse footage of Shepard Fairey creating his murals in the Big D!




    Math breakthroughs don't often capture the headlines--but MIT researchers have just made one that could lead to all sorts of amazing technological breakthroughs that in just a few years will touch every hour of your life.

    Here's a quickie explainer: Fourier transforms are a mathematical trick to simplify how you represent a complicated signal--say the waves of sound made by speaking. They work by reducing the complex wave pattern to a simple and pretty short list of numbers that, when run through the system again, result in a very good approximation of the original signal. FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) are simply a way of making this magic happen in a digital computer, but the combination of math and machine means the FFT has revolutionized science and many industries that have technology at their core. Which is why it's been labeled the "most important algorithm of our lifetime."

    Think about the kind of computer graphics that could be enabled by this innovation: By clever application of FFTs in mobile graphics processors, the kind of 3-D rendering that you're used to on your laptop could appear on your tablet PC. The radar systems that are vital for tech like self-driving cars also rely heavily on FFTs--and a significant speed and efficiency boost could really improve both their accuracy and effectiveness (and possibly price). The trillions of calculations that are used to predict the environment so your weather presenter can deliver you a weekly forecast over your breakfast coffee also rely on this sort of math. Faster calculations means you can do more calculations more effectively, so the weather model accuracy could go up--which also has implications for the kinds of crazy math used in global weather simulations to understand climate damage and global warming.

    There are secondary implications too--the new system could lead to new more efficient image, sound, and video compression techniques, which could impact everything from the amount of data you consume monthly by using your smartphone to the quality of video streamed over your digital TV connection at home. Even image and voice recognition systems could get a boost, which may prove vital for the expected robot revolution and how we'll speak to our phones and even TVs soon.




    An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates

    Why pirates?

    A pirate can function without a bureaucracy. Pirates support one another and support their leader in the accomplishment of a goal. A pirate can stay creative and on task in a difficult or hostile environment. A pirate can act independently and take intelligent risks, but always within the scope of the greater vision and the needs of the greater team.




    Infographic about the mobile app market.

    Everything you hear about these days is mobile-app this and mobile-app that. But what does the mobile-app market look like? What do people want from apps?




    45 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed




    Jennifer Bolt, Kimm Daulton Wynne, Kim Elenz, Candy Peterson, Susan Morales, Beth Ann Kaminkow



    TracyLocke wins GOLD at the Reggies!!!

    Congrats to the 7-Eleven and HP teams!!

    From left to right:

    Todd Connelly, Creative Director on HP, Dallas

    Mike Kubat, Creative Director on HP, Dallas 

    Ben Samet, Ben Samet, Assistant Account Executive, Wilton