Nitin Budhiraja

Senior Designer



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If you got nothing, you got nothing to loose.

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My Story:

Nitin is a Helvetica-lovin, beer-lovin, graphic designer who also happens to like: talking about himself in third person obviously, photography, collecting timepieces, to call himself a chef when in his own kitchen, Napoleon Dynamite, national parks, NPR, documentaries, local farm grown food, traveling, people who smile, bicycle wheelies, smell of gasoline, Radiohead, granola, apple pie & vanilla ice-cream with a side of vanilla ice cream, flying kites, moleskine journals, making typefaces, creating logos, messenger bags (Freitag!), air guitar, classic sneakers, The Freelance Whales, Muse, New Haven, the Merrit Parkway, the idea of growing his own food organically on his own little island.

However, Nitin has been known to dislike the following: Politics, movies that pop up around Valentines Day, Miso Soup, We TV, Bob’s Furniture Advertising, crazy drivers, any form of entertainment that has something to do with the life of Vampires, when cookies disintegrate in milk, dealing with customer service, and dental procedures.