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"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends on the unreasonable man." - (paraphrased) George Bernard Shaw

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I pimp pens to make ends.

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Straight out of Big Money Texas (Beaumont for the uninitiated), I made my way over to the University of Texas at Austin - hook 'em! After an academically unsuccessful foray into computer science (but not a total failure - I met my wife in my last CS class) I dove headfirst into advertising and got accepted to the Texas Creative program. Being an avid reader and part of a burgeoning local rap group, I knew I had the chops to become a badass copywriter. Jumped at the chance to join TL as a copywriting intern, got hired on at the end of that summer and have been honing my writing craft and my foos game ever since.

    Jelly Bean Stop Motion

    Over the last few years, YouTube has been home to plenty of stop motion videos. But this music video may be the coolest of them all.

    Using 288,000 jelly beans to animate a video over a two-year period sounds like a terrible, horrible project to work on, but the end result is undeniably awesome. Enjoy.

    (Also looks like the cost of getting the Jelly Belly logo on a video with 6 million views was merely donating the jelly beans - sounds like a sweet deal.)




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    Interactive Installation = Inspiring

    The Obilteration Room began as a room painted completely white. Children who visit the room are given brightly colored stickers they can put wherever they want. And when people get to be part of the art, art becomes fun.



    Artsy Barbie

    On the heels of our trip into the world of fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier, let's visit the world of a toy fashion icon – Barbie.

    Jocelyne Grivaud uses Barbie dolls as her muses to recreate famous scenes from art, movies, and pop culture.



    Improv Everywhere presses the mute button


    Improv Everywhere is awesome as always with their newest video. The mission this time: simultaneously mute and unmute a large group of people. The project is promoting part of a Guggenheim Museum exhibit, which makes me wonder if Improv Everywhere would consider do brand-sponsored stunts. Could be fun promotional opportunities there.


    (And I apologize for the mass email spam this blog post will generate, but I don't see any option to turn it off.)



    Risk your Facebook profile to win a trip to Russia - any takers?

    This interesting spec work out from ad students in Berlin offers up the chance of a sweet vacation in Russia at the risk of potential losing your Facebook profile forever. How does it work? A game of virtual Russian Roulette with you and three of your Facebook friends, all hosted by a Russian vodka brand. Great thinking here.