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Slapp a billy goat in the face! —Cory Say

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I'm a Graphic Designer/ Letterer/ Illustrator/ Art Director at heart. Typography and illustration are my BFFs and what I'm most passionate about. Design philosophy: Concept must come first and must drive creative. Less is More! You know the norm.

Life: I'm married to beautiful person inside and out. We have been married for 4 years, soon to be 5. The hierarchy in life I try to live by but sometimes fail at:







Went to school at University of North Texas and majored in Communication Design. I graduated in May 2007 and got a job as a Graphic Designer at Fellowship Church. I worked there until July 2009 and left to work here.

Thats my story!

    Typogragraphic Design in the Digital Domain

    Erik Spiekermann

    Type Legend talks about the type in the digital realm. He's very authentic and explains his views in a very simple way. His use of analogies bring a since of understanding to even the most uneducated on type. Seriously, my wife is a teacher and I think a lightbulb went on and I think she understood a little bit more about what it is I do. Enjoy!




    Type Master DY

    This was and is my absolute type hero. Hands down the best the was and ever will be. The vid is a tribute.


    • Nitin Budhiraja

      i got a book about Doyald Young at my desk. amazing.

    • Nitin Budhiraja

      i got a book about Doyald Young at my desk. amazing.

    • Cory Say

      Nitin, I never commented on this post that\'s like two years old. Sorry bro! Thanks for sharing. I have the Fonts and Logos book and really want the Dangerous Curves book.