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Be careful how you live your life, cause you may be the only Bible someone ever reads.

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Tates Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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I was born in Norwalk, CT, but was raised in Peru (yes, I do speako spañolo). We moved there when I was 3 and it's still home. I love corn (probably too much) and fruity ice pops. Am the proud new Mama of my baby boy Angelo, with my wonderful husband Chris :) Life is VERY GOOD!

    Peru, Nebraska – meet PERÚ!

    As the country of Perú launched their new brand "Marca Perú" in 2011, they realized that they shouldn't limit themselves to a simple tourism website to show the world exactly what their culture was all about. In 2012, they stepped out, and a group of distinguished Peruvians came together to invade Peru, Nebraska and read them their rights as fellow Peruvians. 

    The team included CHEFS Gastón Acurio, Christian Bravo, Iván Kisic and Javier Wong. ARTISTS Magaly Solier, Carlos Alcántara, Gonzalo Torres and Dina Páucar. SURFERS Sofía Mulanovich and Gabriel Villarán. JOURNALIST Rafo León.

    "Utedes son de Perú, tienen derecho a comer rico" is what Bravo chants, and so their culinary and cultural infusion begins.

    From watching folks take their first sips of Chicha and Inca Kola (yes, it totally tastes like bubble gum, and we love it!), to catching the perfect wave, to teaching them that a Picarón is infinately more scrumptious than a donut ever will be – I am taken on the journey with them and am excited to learn more.

    As a fellow Peruvian, I wish I could have taken part. Makes me yearn for home again!! Talk about understanding the need to FIND THE CONNECTION and be relevant.



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    Where Beauty Meets Intelligence

    When Sephora decided to launch their new website this past April, they made heads turn with "15 Days of Beauty Thrills" – an engaging sweeps that rewarded their loyal users for what they already do.

    These large and mini "thrills" skyrocketed sales, web traffic and showed how leveraging your partners and properly utilizing social media can truly and genuinely engage consumers, and reaffirm their love for your brand.