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Hey there! My journey with TL began in Oct. '09 and I have been loving my job ever since. In between the ping pong, beer cart, foosball and general blank staring I sometimes work on HP with a terrific group of folks who challenge and inspire me. I graduated UNT with a drawing and painting degree and I love to illustrate and play games in my free time. I am married to another awesome designer, Meagan, and live in Allen with our two sons (cats).

    One step closer to Minority Report

    Leap Motion is an affordable($70) computer add-on that will change the way people interact with their technology. This amazingly accurate device captures even the most subtle movements that happen in front of your screen (up to 10 fingers at once). The best part is the fact that it will be here by December. This technology opens the doors to a lot of potential brand experiences. What kind of implementation awaits for our clients?


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    • Hilary Hanger

      Amazing! And the fact that it is affordable can actually make this a viable option for clients and consumers alike.


    The Latest In Augmented Reality

    Though AR has been more or less on the sidelines of advertising, here are some new ways that augmented reality will be affecting the world of gaming, as well as the world of our consumers. Below are two links that may get your minds thinking about how our clients can make a unique impact.