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With over 20 years in the business, my career spans Australia, Europe and the United States.

At Ogilvy Sydney, I created campaigns for clients such as IBM, Qantas and American Express. I worked on the team that created the ˜LG - Life's Good" campaign now in global use today.

In Europe I joined BBDO Dusseldorf working on Mars pet care and confectionery brands before moving to Amsterdam to start at Cayenne Communications, creating award-winning pan-European campaigns for our biggest client, Canon.

After 10 years in Europe I was ready for a change (and some better weather). Not ready to go home I fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to New York.

Since 2008 I've been at TracyLocke, working on Pepsi International as well as Mountain Dew, Amp energy and Sobe for the domestic market. After all that moving around I think I'm ready to stay put.

    Why is Dale Jr So Popular?


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    • Jim Sexton

      Daddy was a legend who died racing -- one of the great tragedies in NASCAR History. He is the teflon prodogy, and he won this past weekend.


    How Target can guess when you're pregnant

    Fascinating article about tracking shopper habits - even has a bonus about how to eat less cookies!


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    • Darcy Taylor

      Fascinating article! I also found the section about how marketers turned Febreze into a billion dollar industry by incorporating it into an existing cue, routine, reward pattern amazing. One way to break through the clutter is to speak to consumers during key life events where they are the most \"vulnerable to intervention by marketers.\"


    Great film title sequences

    I don't post much because, you know, I don't want to bug you. But trust me, this is good. You know all those great film title sequences you've seen? Well here's a whole archive of them. From 50's classics like The Lady In the Lake, to the award-winning Se7en, to recent HBO hits. All here in glorious HD. A great resource to ahem, get some inspiration for that next sizzle video. Or even that mini-pole. Enjoy!




    TracyLocke & Tribal Mountain Dew campaign in Ad Age

    Back By Popular Dewmand campaign created by TracyLocke, Tribal and other partners gets a nice write up in Advertising Age: