Paola DeValdenebro

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"To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all." - Anatole France

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My Story:

Getting to see the world has been one of my passions for quite some time. Before we had kids, my husband and I had made it a goal to visit at least one new country or city every year..and we now look forward to continuing that tradition with our own kids. I am a native of Colombia, South America, and we visit our family there once a year. Besides traveling, I love anything that has to do with home design, both interior and exterior. I am constantly learning and drawn to projects that involve a complete redesign at it's core..whether it's a facade change, designing a new set of stairs, gutting an entire room and doing it from scratch, or changing the layout and structure of a space...I'm no expert but very passionate about this area. I think that in a way, what is behind my passion for design is really related to the reason why I got into this industry. It's the idea that you can be a part of creating something new, or more often, finding a completely new way for people to see the same old thing. The idea that we are always evolving something...a product, a category..a brand, and that our jobs actually allow us to use our curiosity to make a living, is not bad either!