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Don't think, Feel! -Bruce Lee

Anything Else?

It doesn’t take a creative genius to develop sales and advertising ideas. It’s simply a matter of learning to work at it. — Morris Hite

My Story:

is like a SWOT ANALYSIS--

STRENGTHS- What can I say? I love to write and edit until my hippocampus cannot download any more information. Too much of a good thing is a good thing, right? I am a creative spirit by nature; I love to tenaciously create things, especially deriving from pen to paper: poetry, short stories and the like. I have been working on and off (more off than on) with a children's book. My muse comes to visit me every now and then and I welcome every visit.

I cannot seem to shake the journalistic nature in me being that I previously worked at a newspaper and enjoyed working with a few celebs here and there. I love to work with people and share ideas and coming up with a great lede, always gave me a little adrenaline rush. When I am not thinking up new stories to write, I'll be attending concerts, art exhibits or dancing until my feet hurt.

WEAKNESSES- When I don't put in 101 percent of my energy in everything I do.

OPPORTUNITY- We always have one! I try to make the right choice in everything I do with my work and who I am as a person! It only takes one person to make a difference in the lives of others, both inside and outside of the work environment. I feel good about helping others by volunteering my time. I am a huge fan of social responsibility and believe that everyone has a talent, a purpose and a light to shine; you just have to let it out.

THREATS- Initially, I totally forgot what "T" stood for from my marketing course I took eons ago, and had to Google it. However, I certainly have a few of them and if anyone steals my idea before I can publish it, I will not be a happy camper.