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"Everything that counts cannot be counted, but not everything can be counted counts. " - Albert Einstein "To anyone who knows their shxt, this will just be a validation that we don't know OUR shxt." - Dale Treece

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Started as a musician, worked at a record company in advertising, went to a small agency shop, great with data, studies data driven marketing in grad school, learned how to apply it to shopper marketing and promotions, back to the ad world. First at Saatchi, now at TracyLocke. I've been here since 2007 and love the people at TLP.

    Coke slim vending machine

    Coke shows a way to think about how the operational delivery process of a product can help in communicating the brand promise.  

    Looks like they had these custom built rather than mass produced.  Obviously, there will be operation issues (higher frequency refill, power to new dispensing locations, etc).  Still, how can we think about letting each piece in the supply/distribution chain work for our brands?




    Anti-child abuse Outdoor Ad Communicates to Child and Adult




    This outdoor display ad has a secret.  It can communicate distintct messages to children and to (possible aggresor) adults, as at the same time.








    Best Buy to Match online competitor prices this Holiday (and other good stuff)

    Best Buy has been in trouble the past couple of years.  TL clients have felt the pressures at BBY, and combatting "showrooming" has become a major objective.

    In addition, Best Buy will ship any out of stock item to the shopper's home for free.

    BBY execs downplay the role of showrooming in this article; they certainly don't want to appear to be as big as it is.  Obviously, it weren't such a problem policies like these wouldn't be necessary of profitable.

    Also included are some great numbers and background on Toys R Us and Walmart for Holiday.




    Coke creates a 'dance for a drink' machine

    Coke created a cool promo in S. Korea.  Basically a Dance Dance Revolution machine housed within a huge vending machine.  Users dance for a free Coke.  Great video for viral pass-along




    Starbucks is planning new strategy around portable, tiny, sustainable drive-through locations

    Pretty cool idea to target even more urban areas for Starbucks . . .

     - LEED certified buildings

    - Pre-fabricated, delivered on a flat bed

    - lower cost to build

    - faster construction



    Walmart and Apple are working on a big change

    This report on investment site talks about a confirmed rumor that Walmart has asked Apple to help it reinvent its checkout process to save a possible $12MM/second (yes, that number is correct from the article).

    It's a long-shot, but the ramifications are huge.  They've got the scale to make this happen.

    - increase in smartphone adoption

    - persons checking out will likely have a phone ready for messaging/promotions, etc

    - increased satisfaction with WMT store/shoppability

    - brand perception changes with strong Apple partnership

    - integration of WMT shopping (online & in-store) to iOS

    - etc.



    Nike Euro Cup interactive online ad

    Nike is following up its great 2010 World Cup campaign with a really cool, albeit smaller, interactive play for the Euro Cup.

    In a program called "The Chance", Nike sent scouts to 50 countries to find the next 100 potential soccer stars.  Here, the winners are all shown crashing a game between France and Netherlands.  Scattered throughout are all kinds of international sports stars (even Lebron James).  Inside the youtube video are 9 interactive 'tunnels' to get additional information on players, stats, Nike product info, etc. 

    Like the World Cup ad, it's global in reach, designed to go viral, and connects to other brand touchpoints online.  Searching for the 9 tunnels is a also a cool tactic to really get viewers to focus on the content of the ad.



    Does Walmart know what's good for you?

    Walmart announces it is developing a standardized label that will be attached to help shoppers easily know what foods are good for them.

    The foods “must meet rigorous nutrition criteria informed by the latest nutrition science and authoritative guidance from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Institute of Medicine (IOM).”

    My question . . . how long before the notoriously pursuasive vendor community in Bentonville find a way to coerce/purchase this label for foods that aren't so healthy?  Will Wilton get a new job from Pepsi to develop a sell-in strategy for PepsiMax, since it doesn't VIOLATE any of the aforementioned organizations' requirements?




    JC Penney Catalogue strategy

    I got the latest (and much more interesting) JC Penney "catalogue" last week and thumbed through it last night.  It's great to see how even something as core to this retailer as its catalogue is getting a makover.  It's clear that JCP has rethought it's shoppers' path to purchase and it wants to better control each step.

    Just my observations . . .

    1. It's square - unique size

    2. New logo and square motif

    3. It's colorful, full bleed, and stylish

    4. Seasonal solutions - There's an Academy Awards party ideas section

    5. **It isn't trying to directly sell me product . . . in fact, it's clear that this almost 100 page catalogue is meant to simply motivate me to go to  For instance, full color options, sizing, etc. on clothing aren't shown. 

    6.  it includes interesting articles on people whom the brand believes embody what JCP want to be.  A couple's story after 84 years of marriage, a guy who's been photographed at every state's welcome sign, NFL fans at JCP headquarters

    Here's a link to the online version . . .!book/thebook/0