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"We're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy..." - Seal

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Which part of "I want a pony" don't you understand?

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TL'er for life. Born and raised in CT, after a glorious four years at the University of Connecticut, I found my way to TracyLocke thanks to some advice from an old friend. I've had the pleasure of working on several accounts from Pepsi and Frito, to MasterCard to PlayStation, but the Pepsi Shopper Marketing Team - Mass/Club and Dick's Sporting Goods (as well as Pittsburgh) is where I now call home. If you're ever in the "Steel City" - look me up! I'm the sole UConn and NY Giants fan in the state so it shouldn't be too hard to find me in this sea of black and gold...

    Pepsi Shopper Marketing Makes The DieLine

    Another shout out for Diet Pepsi on The Dieline includes artwork created at TL for Target!  Awesome work done by the team in Wilton (Amanda Maurutis, Corinne Bolanos, Jen Roche, Sarah Kelleher, Matt Coppola, and Matt Nevins)!



    Pinterest: The New Shiny Object for CPG Brands

    Everyone's asking for it, but what's the best way to use it?  5 ways for CPG brands to leverage Pinterest successfully...



    Pepsi Shopper Team Finalist for Design of the Times Award!

    The Mountain Dew/Target "FreeStyle" program has been announced as a finalist for the Design of the Times award!  Congrats to the team and good luck!

    Check out the competition: