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“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” -Goethe

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CT born and raised. I started working @ TL the day after graduating college in 2007, and its been a great journey since. I worked in Studio building mechanicals and also helping out creative when needed for 3.5 years. I made the move to Art Director in March 2012, working on Buffets and it was a good experience. Now I'm back after a year away as a Digital Studio Producer.

Other than work I love Nascar, Go Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon! and like to collect vinyl toys, Kidrobot is my candy store. If I had any other job, it would definitely be something with interior design or architecture.


    How can two rival brands influence eachother... check it out




    Easter Egg Hunt!

    so @


    they are doing a great promotion!! there are easter eggs hidden all over the site and as you shop if you come across a colored egg you either get a %off, $ amount off or even FREE gifts. They range from free shipping to a FREE Bag. This is def a GREAT promotion!! Gets people to go to your site and actually STAY on the site! Go check it out :)



    Toy Street NYC


    So knowing myself and seen others in the office, we love vinyl toys! well this friday (we have off!) there is a show in NYC put on by Toy Street! Free admission, live music, drinks and a bunch of dif. artists showing off their work. Prob going to be a great time! 

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    • Anthony Franzino

      Very cool, makes me want to go online to kid robot and get some ha


    Steal Like an Artist

    Came across this article this morning, and its a great read. Its the 9 things (plus a little more) that Austin Kleon who is a writer and artist, wish he was told in college.



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    • Blake Warner

      Most of his advice is pretty universal. "Garbage in, garbage out" is a programming term for user error aka ID-10T error, ;)